Plate Up For a Purpose

Plate Up For a Purpose

I was honoured to be a part of the previous Bayleys’ Plate Up for a Purpose fundraiser, which raised $200,000 for the Christchurch City Mission Back to School Programme this year. My dedication towards ensuring accessible education for New Zealand’s children only grew from the heart-warming experience, so I am returning  again to  “chop it like it’s hot” in the 2021 event.

Plate Up for a Purpose allows me to combine my passion for cooking and my passion for education. I have, for the last 10 years, been involved in “Empowering  Girls to Live and Lead” through my role as Deputy Chair of St. Margaret’s College and also Independent Schools of New Zealand. These children, however, have shoes and uniforms to go to school in and healthy lunches to fuel their brains. Through my involvement in Plate up for a Purpose I hope that we make further steps towards ensuring every child in Canterbury has the necessities to enable them to get the best education possible. These children are our future, and I believe we must do everything we can to guarantee they have access to education and the opportunities it provides.

I raised $8,000 last year and this year with your help I am aiming to raise even more for our Canterbury kids. The Christchurch City Mission pays up to $300,000 towards the school costs of children from struggling families who have nowhere else to turn. Your help is really needed. Together we can transform the lives of local children and give them a fairer chance at education and life.

I hope that you will support me as I attempt to chop my way to the top to ensure future generations have equal opportunities in the future. 

To help me raise more than $8,000 for this great cause please click my Give A Little link below

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